Article Critique Writing - Format and Style

An article critique is a well-respected paper in any school. It helps students develop and strengthen their critical thinking skills and allows them to participate in an ongoing conversation or debate on a certain article confidently and reasonably. In addition, article critique makes students work profoundly with a text, study it with a critical eye, and evaluate its ideas properly.

Of course, many questions may come to your mind when preparing an article critique. Apart from the specific areas that need to be covered to cope with that assignment well, other questions may also arise.

  • How should I format my paper?
  • Is there a particular style that I need to adhere to?
  • What to include in the text of my assignment?

Here, we are going to answer each of these questions, and it will be easier for you to decide whether you'd better hire professional writers or deal with that specific assignment by yourself.

Formatting Aspects

In terms of format, the article critique follows a similar pattern based on the points to be discussed or the unique progression of the argument. The points pertaining to the critique will likely differ from the author's argument that the student has chosen for their analysis (which they may agree or disagree with).

So, a completed article critique would entail:

  • An introduction that provides basic background information on the title to be evaluated, and the student's thesis statement
  • A body with your main ideas that are aimed to analyze and prove or challenge the author's statements.
  • A conclusion that restates the student's opinion of the title, any significant points as well as a possible connection to broader issues in the field or discipline.

Now, let's proceed to the style particularities.

Refine the Style

The issues of style may also be raised in the process of writing a critique. The term 'writing style' itself may carry slightly different meanings depending on the area where it is used. It can be hard to pick an exact writing style for an article critique. But, you can look through some tips on how to form a perfect one that will make your writings better.

Distinguish your writing style

What are the aspects to pay attention to? Below, you can find some particularities that should be considered:

  • Word choice
  • Sentence structure
  • References made
  • Examples provided
  • Use/absence of certain stylistic devices

Your writing style tells a lot about you, and even though there is some kind of freedom involved in preparing an article critique, an academic balance should be preserved.

Meet the Requirements

An article critique is not exactly known for its diversity and excitement when it comes to style. Unlike an essay that may be executed in a variety of ways, an article critique is a more demanding document with a specific structure and standards. Oftenly, the articles that are critiqued are scholarly ones and related to your specialty. Considering this point, it can be a little risky to try anything too experimental in terms of article critique composition.

The requirements of article critique are also worth mentioning. Below, you can recall the basics of this college assignments and follow its rules properly.

Article critique particularities

To get the highest grade for your article critique, make sure it:

  • Provides analysis and evaluation of a relevant article
  • Is written objectively
  • Analyze both positive and negative reviews
  • Puts the article in the context of other similar works
  • Explicitly states and studies the author's ideas
  • Provides sufficient support evidence and references
  • Asks critical questions to properly examine the author's work

These recommendations are simple, but you can be confident that by following these rules, you guarantee yourself a refined work that can be assessed highly.

Article Critique Tips

We would like you to consider the following article critique tips that can help you make the assignment interesting and appropriate.

  • Stick to your main idea. It is good if you have a lot to say about an article that is the center of your analysis. However, it is better for them to be interconnected and undoubtful. Make sure your statements aren't in conflict with each other and are related to the main issue.
  • Choose an alternative perspective. Instead of going with the first few things that come to mind after putting down the article or examining the obvious points, try to think a little deeper about the text and extract the alternative or rare concepts that most people would not think to about.

When analyzing an article, stay true to yourself. Express your own ideas, and then, the critique assignment will look more genuine and reasonable. Good luck!