What Is a Synthesis Essay and How to Write It

So, again you have it as a writing task. Do you know how to do all things correctly and create a fantastic paper? Or are you already desperate? If you are already anticipating the writing process, we will help you to make sure that you are moving in the right direction. If you are afraid and stressed, our tips will help you to get an idea about your paper.

So, what is a synthesis essay? First of all, what could you guess from the word “synthesis”? It tells a lot about the paper kind and about the ways you should use to write it. We could probably compare synthesis essays with argumentative essays. However, there is one key element that makes the difference: a synthesis essay is not only about arguments, but it is also about synthesis.

All in all, you should be able to combine some pieces of one work, or some works or some opinions to prove your own ideas and opinions. And yes, this skill to combine and compare those parts, those elements that seem to be not connected with each other, this is what matters. And then, you should apply those elements in any way that you like to prove your opinion and to show that your ideas are the best ones.

Synthesis Essay Definition and Purpose

So, when you ask about the synthesis essay definition, it might sound like this: a synthesis essay is an essay where you combine different parts or elements of works and analyze them as a whole. Does it sound clear enough? Theoretically, it is clear, but what could you write based on this definition?

It is not enough just to define a synthesis essay. Do you know how to write it? If you have even a single doubt, we recommend you read this short guide. Here, we have selected the main tips that will be helpful.

  • Select relevant and exciting materials for your synthesis essay. Make sure you understand all that you want to use from there.
  • Make a very detailed plan. Define all thoughts and ideas, combine them with parts of the work or the works that you have selected.
  • Check once more if you can make a synthesis out of them and if not, replace them with other parts.
  • Write an introduction.
  • Connect all ideas and opinions in the central part. Oppose them, if needed. Prove, that your opinion is the strongest one.
  • Finally, think of how to write an excellent conclusion. It should be short, but precise and complete. Don’t get into details and nuances, but state all issues and all conclusions.
  • What about some proofreading? Do it, just to enjoy your paper, and of course, to eliminate those nasty errors that are always there, even by the best writers.

College Synthesis Essay Recommendations

Now, any college synthesis essay isn’t an issue anymore. However, your teacher might have some special requirements, like the citation style, references and who knows what else. Make a list and double check if your paper complies with all of them. If there is something dubious, better ask twice, till you understand everything.

And, finally, we have selected some interesting writing techniques that might be helpful. So, when you are writing a synthesis essay, you can use some of the tips.

The Straw Man Technique to Discuss Arguments

The straw man technique is good for making your essay look creative. It is based on presenting your arguments in a particular way: an argument is presented that is opposite to your idea. Then, after presenting and explaining the argument, you give counter-arguments, one by one, to show the weak sides of the counter-argument.

Why do many consider this technique interesting? It shows a very deep understanding of the topic and readiness to prove your opinion. And this is what most teachers love. Moreover, that would make the assignment more interesting for you, as well.

Concession Technique

This technique is very similar to the straw man technique, but there is one significant difference. Here, you present a counter-argument, but you don’t argue it, you show its correctness. And then, the highlight follows: you explain, why your opinion is stronger than the one of your opponent. You do it as well to show, that you understand the topic deeply enough to discuss it in this way.


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